The Final Leg – Vladivostock to the Tokyo Stadium for Rugby World Cup 2019

The final leg of the journey to the Rugby World Cup 2019. This video covers the adventure from the port of Vladivostock to Tokyo and the Rugby World Cup. It includes meeting Sputnik 6 and the breakdown and rescue of Babushka, a fabulous photoshoot with Mount Fuji as a backdrop, a resting showcase for Babushka […]

Babushka Struggles in Japan

Poor Babushka started to struggle going up the Japanese hills. Initially Chris thought it might be the fuel, but the problem persisted. On the roadside he checked everything he could think of, then eventually Sputnik 6 (Kojiro) arranged breakdown assistance to a garage where the mechanics also checked all the possible causes for the loss […]

Celebratethe7 Part 9 Novobureyskiy to Vladivostock

The penultimate video chapter in this epic journey sees Chris and Judi finally arrive in Vladivostock and the boarding of the ferry to Sakaiminato for the final leg to the opening match of the World Cup. Babushka and Chris made across Siberia with the help and support of many new Russian friends

CT7 Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight of Chris Blakey’s epic adventure travelling to the Rugby World Cup in a 1937 Austin across Siberia. This video chapter covers the trip from Lake Baikal to Novobureyskiy. During this journey, Sputnik2 (Will Leith) made his scheduled departure by train to Chita for a flight home and Chris was joined by fellow adventurer […]