Last minute surprise #1

Just a day before the actual departure and Barry at Poolman Patios makes a generous and very welcome donation to the challenge! We make a last minute dash to Kelvin (VK Graphics) for a new front wing sticker… Wonder if there will be any patio orders from Siberia!! Delighted to also receive a donation from The Austin Seven Workshop

The seed for this adventure was sown in 1966 during a unique school visit to Russia.

David Wortley gives the team a copy of his book “Gadgets to God” as a present just before the send-off at the Austin 7 National Rally at Beaulieu Motor Museum. Chapter two gives a short account of the school trip to Russia by a group of 15 and 16 year olds from Boston Grammar School, in 1966, led by the inimitable “Gert” Tromans. This was a highly unusual undertaking at that time and provided Chris with his first foreign trip! A starting point for many more adventures, and some of the inspiration for this Trans-Siberian Rugby World Cup Challenge.