Tokyo – triumphant, happy, sad (and really tired)

The final day of driving all the way from the UK to Tokyo began with a photoshoot with mount Fuji as a splendid back drop. Chris is accompanied (in a 4×4) by photographer Junichi. Dear old Babushka was then led into Tokyo by two classic ladies.

Chris is now an honorary member of the Austin Healey Club of Japan!

Babushka now has ten days’ rest as part of the window display in the very fashionable British Luxury Brands Group store in central Tokyo.

Chris is not part of the display.

A great deal of sadness alongside this momentous occasion as Helen and Arthur travel to Brittany on behalf of Chris to say a final goodbye to a long-time friend who has lost his battle against cancer.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your friend. Love the photo of Babushka and Mount Fiji and a deserved centrepiece in the British Luxury Goods display. Enjoy the rest Chris its beyond deserved!


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