Vladivostock at last !!

A truly remarkable achievement to arrive in Vladivostock 6 days ahead of schedule after a journey of 11,000 miles and almost as many wonderful stories to tell.

Track the journey on the interactive map at this web address :-


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  1. Think you are right Chris – don’t think that journey in a car like Babushka has ever been done before!! Guiness Book of Records? Or maybe just a celebratory vodka! BIG congratulations. Fantastic achievement.


  2. well done you! I can tell you now that had we known you would be on your own we probably would have tried come hell or high water to be with you, but there just wasn’t time. We knew you would make it, and that you would really enjoy it on your own . Again well done Best wishes Kip PS when do you ship to Japan? ________________________________


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