29/8/19 Major milestone – 6,000 miles!

A mega-long drive from Never today, 520 miles! The team reached the 6,000 mile point from home (Corsham) and are looking forward to reaching 10,000 km tomorrow. What an awesome achievement!

6,000 miles!

Another early start, and signs of autumn amongst the larch and birch trees.

It seems that today Chris was able to change from 92 to 95 fuel which should be better for Babushka. As Judi points out, not the best view of the driver!

Chris and Judi stopped at the roadside to buy some honey, and met Micha. As Judi explains, this is not as simple as it seems!

Typical Chris. Causing chaos.

It turns out that Micha has a portfolio of work, he’s not just a bee keeper…

This is an area regularly hit by fires, and then regenerates. Hopefully other areas affected this year are able to do the same.

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  1. Brilliant team Helen Arthur Ilya Will Judi and especially the intrepid adventurer Chris Blakey!! With the star of the show Babushka herself. What an achievement!


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