Having said goodbye to Sputnik#2 in Ulan Ude (Will had to travel ahead by train to get his flight back to the UK from Chita) Chris finally planned to get on the road to Chita. But he left a day later than planned after being “bushwhacked” by a buryati veteran soldier called Genghis (and his mates) who insisted that they show Chris their museum and town.

You just can’t refuse.

They met a Buddhist monk whilst touring the city, who wished Chris luck for the remainder of the journey. Along with the blessing from the Russian orthodox priest, Chris is hoping that most bases are covered.

Good luck

Chris finally left at first light on 22nd August, expecting a two day drive to Chita. He was delighted with the early morning views, and explains the significance of one of the hillsides.

This is the day that we discovered that the Austin is an Instagram sensation…

At a petrol station a man called Vladimir had seen the car on Instagram and tried to give Chris £10 for fuel!

The power of social media

Things are a little vague about where Chris spent the night, somewhere between Ulan Ude and Chita. However, he managed to steal a horse for a short while…

…and discover the lake that Genghis Khan used to heal his soldiers after he lost the Mongolian vs Russian war. It seems that many people visit every year – the water is a cure for psoriasis.

On the outskirts of Chita (finally!) Chris was flagged down by two gentlemen of number 1 size. It turns out that they are rugby players for Chita (we didn’t even know that they had a rugby club!) who had been contacted by the president of Krasnoyar rugby club and told to expect Babushka! Chris was escorted into Chita, and treated to accomodation in an apartment for rugby players. The rugby family at it’s best!

Babushka safe for the night

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  1. Possibly a future Instagram influencer!! AND multiple blessings. But where did you get that horse?!


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