Russian army

Remembering the fallen

A bizarre but awesome day here in Siberia! We were invited to join a cadets memorial parade, they’re driving from Krasnoyarsk to Vladivostok stopping at every cenotaph en route, and they loved the car so much that they got us to lead their convoy of 6 vehicles for 100km from one cenotaph to the next. We offloaded all our kit into their van and Will went with the officer in charge, in a UAZ Patriot, Russian 4×4. The first cenotaph was quite small but they had live singing from the town’s children and we met the mayor. Chris was invited to give a speech of friendship or “peace and peace”! Whole thing was quite moving – all the Russians were in tears during the speeches. Will was interviewed and mentioned the war!! “Don’t mention the war!” But that was the theme of it all so fitted well. They had a massive flag 20x10m. The second cenotaph was massive – Will counted 5722 names on the wall, it’s only a small town. They seem very proud of their dead and celebrate the sacrifices made. They are all very proud.

The people running the rally are all special forces veterans.

Four more happy police officers – tally now at 36!

Another early start and long drive planned for today – the team want to catch up with the memorial team and try to reach Lake Baikal. The Babushka tardis is now 7 hours ahead of us!

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  1. Well impressive. Will did you actually count over 5000 names?! Must have been a long ceremony. You know if you do break down again which hopefully won’t happen the Russian cadets could probably carry you and Babushka to Vladivostok!


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