On the road again!

It turns out that the knocking noise from the back axle was actually a problem with the torque tube. Many thanks to the Austin 7 community for all the advice, special “spasiba” to Alex Myall. It’s a job that neither Chris or Will had done before.

Well done Papa Vanya and Prince Harry’s doppelganger (according to the Russians!)

Last night in Krasnoyarsk, a view reminiscent of Paris in the middle of Siberia!

So, the plan was to drive to Tayshet. The team are a day behind schedule so are planning to do a few long days to catch up.

Plan for the day
Nice roads, nice weather
Great to have the reassurance that we are supported by the roadside assistance service! Thank you RAMC!

Unfortunately the bad weather caught up with the team, and with another 434kms travelled they stopped for the night at a roadside motel. They are delighted with the repair to the torque tube, no clanking at all!

Also at the motel are a group of young soldiers on a rally to Vladivostok in memory of the fallen.

This day also marks the 32nd time that the team have been pulled over by, without exception, friendly police officers.

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  1. Good news that you are on the road again. Bit of another learning curve for you Chris and Will! Best wishes for next leg of the epic.


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