Behind the scenes!

Lots going on away from the main action in Krasnoyarsk…

We’ve been issued with the required carnet in order to take the car to Japan, which is being delivered in the UK today. It was arranged in super quick time by CARS (Classic Automobile Relocation Services). Also arriving are the tickets for the opening ceremony of the rugby world cup (another reason for the journey!).

On Monday a delivery of 150 more badges should arrive, as all the ones we took to Russia have been given out, mainly to children and the police. They’ve also given out all the leaflets, important because they explain about the adventure in English, Russian and Japanese. Luckily we have plenty more in the UK.

Simon (part of the original team) has also very kindly loaned his spare dynamo.

Now we have a problem – how to get all this stuff to Russia??

Aha! Time to introduce the third co-pilot! Jude Zebedee is flying out to Russia early next week to join Chris for the last part of the drive across Russia. Luckily she lives near the West Somerset steam railway, so Helen and Arthur will combine a visit there (as soon as the badges arrive on Monday) with dropping off all the bits for Jude to take with her!

Her package, however, will not include Simon’s dynamo – it’s so heavy that she wouldn’t be able to take anything else in her flight bag! Chris and Will are quite happy using the two batteries and the charger anyway.

There are also lots of emails going back and forth from Japan – interest is already building there about the arrival of the challenge!

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  1. When you think it can’t get any better this story it does!! And I love that you have a female co-pilot arranged! Equality in action. Very best wishes for the next leg and fantastic that Helen has been able to arrange the papers etc for transit to Japan. Team effort continues to get results!


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