Krasnoyarsk! Half way across Russia!


It turns out that last night Viktor and his wife not only fed Chris and Will after the marathon session in the garage, but also put them up for the night. He then got up at the crack of dawn to take them back to the garage to collect the car (in his pyjamas).

Beautiful scenery

The longest drive of the journey so far – 500km…

They measure distance to travel in miles, and distance covered in kilometres – apparently it’s more palatable!

The dynamo is not causing any more problems, other than not charging, but with a spare battery and a charger there’s no immediate crisis.

Chris and Will have been suffering from watering mouths. They keep seeing enormous melons for sale by the road, but haven’t bought one because they are too big to carry. Imagine their delight when a lorry driver came over and gave them some slices – he was driving an artic lorry full of them!

I finally got a message at 9pm Russian time to say that they had arrived and found a hotel for the night. What a relief! There’s a big day planned for tomorrow at the rugby club, more interviews and hospitality! A really important moment as it was this club that enabled an extended visa, as well as it being HALF WAY ACROSS RUSSIA!!!

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  1. Absolutely stunning!! So many experiences and so many people. Seems like you have been on the road for a lot longer. Congratulations. Wow factor definitely well surpassed!!


  2. Well done chaps. Brilliant result. Keep going. Love to see what a bit of human ingenuity and determination can do. You’re still an inspiration – in what can be achieved and how it can be made to happen. x


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