Crisis averted, for now…

Outstanding, touching, reaffirming and almost unbelievable support from these mechanics at Auto- Volt garage in Keremovo. Chris and Will limped there this morning, arriving at 1.00pm, with a very noisy dynamo.

The team worked on the car for 10 hours, including one of them, Arkadia, making new bearings (twice – he shaved a bit too much off first time).

At 11.00pm they called it a day – all the mechanics had stayed on until the end! Viktor, the owner of the garage, got very cross when Chris tried to insist that he pay for all the work. Viktor then took them home to have a meal before taking them to a hotel.

Chris says that he is overwhelmed by the generosity of the Russian people time and time again. We like to think that two Russians driving across the UK would have an equally positive experience…

Whilst the dynamo still won’t charge, at least it isn’t going to tear itself apart – they can look at it again in Krasnoyarsk. That’s 500km away, so a very long day ahead of them tomorrow. They appear to be driving a time machine, already 6 hours ahead of us!

Reminder of the road to Omsk

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  1. Aww that is just stunning! Chris it may be the huge generosity of the Russian people but it’s you spirit and enthusiasm and being you that obviously attracts it!! So very glad you are on the road again.


  2. Well done for sorting out that dynamo, do you think that the worn bearing might have been a contributory factor in the chewing up of the distributor gear? I think I probably have the same dizzy gear as you (a new item) and I am reluctant to take a look at mine, although it sounds fine… (famous last words…)


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