A long drive of 300 miles today meant that Chris and Ilya made it to Novosibirsk. This means saying a very sad goodbye to Ilya, the best ‘sputnik’ ever who has introduced Chris to so many people and experiences – he’s going to be missed!

Looking good!

However, things are not so good with the car. There’s still an oil leak (arguably not unusual in an Austin 7) and more worryingly the dynamo is not charging the battery. Luckily, the garage that has offered support has a branch in Novosibirsk so tomorrow the plan is to work on the car at the garage.

Welcome Will!

Will Leith flew into Novosibirsk and was thrown straight into the whirlwind that surrounds Chris! Supper turned into a disco, and then they were whisked away for a tour of the city with another friend of Ilya’s!

Time is against them though – they are due in Krasnoyarsk by 14th August to be welcomed by the rugby club who are celebrating their 50th anniversary. This is an important rendezvous because this club arranged the invitation for the Russian visa allowing a three month visit instead of the usual one month.

Krasnoyarsk also marks the halfway point across Russia!!!

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  1. Have a ball Will. Just don’t drive with quite the enthusiasm you exhibit at Beaulieu in the driving tests!!!


  2. Faced with a non-charging dynamo I check 3 things which do not involve altering any adjustments first!! Number 1 – take the cover off the dynamo brushes and have a close look at the gap between the copper segments of the commutator which the brushes run on. It is quite common for the tiny gap between each copper sement to get filled with carbon residue from the brushes which will stop the charge. You can also carefully scuff up the copper segments with glasspaper to help the brushes rebed themselves. Very carefully scrape each gap clear with a pin so you again have a gap between each segment, then see if this has worked by starting the engine. If not, try number 2 which, if you have conventional mechanical cut-out is easy. The points which open and close can get burnt. Start by disconnecting the earth from the battery then without disturbing adjustments, carefully insert a piece of glasspaper between the points and clean that face of the points. Then carefully turn the glasspaper around and do the same to the other half. Make sure you don’t alter any adjustment and do have a good blow to get rid of any dust. Again, check to see if this has done the job by starting up. Number 3 is to check whether you are earthed positively or negatively (which side of the battery has a connection to the bodywork or engine) then add a cable from the earthed teminal of the battery to the “E” earth terminal of the cutout. None of the above will alter anything and I hope one of them will do the job. Best of luck!. Steve Barker


  3. No Ilya on blog posts! That will be a bit strange as he’s been so much part of your adventure Chris. Big hello to Will though – in at the deep end!!


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