Damned dynamo

Despite the whole day working on the car, the dynamo problem has not been solved. The electrician at the garage is even going to take it home to try and fix it tonight!

The intrepid trio still managed a bit of mischief though. On the journey, Chris and Ilya have become a little bit obsessed with a certain Russian vehicle known as the ‘bread loaf’. This versatile, four wheel drive van is used for many purposes: campervan, fire brigade, ambulance, people carrier, delivery van to name but a few.

Bread loaf van

Chris being Chris (nod sagely those who know him personally) is now trying to find an angle involving a bread loaf van. He’s visited a show room and interrogated the manager to discover that parts are very cheap and easy to obtain, they have petrol engines, and they only cost about £7,000 new…

He even managed to get a ride in one and was taken off road to demonstrate the four wheel drive. Groan.

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  1. So hope the dynamo is fixed successfully. Babushka is definitely a remarkable old lady! And generating so much goodwill. Fingers well crossed for you.


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