Wednesday, 425km, new route.

Originally the planned route went via Perm and Yekaterinburg to Novosibirsk. But with better maps and local knowledge, Chris and Ilya decided to take another road that would allow them to get to Novosibirsk in time to meet Will. This new route went via Ufa and Kurgan and although the catch up has worked, they came across a ridiculous number of lorry accidents. The condition of the road is patchy, with newly tarmacked sections suddenly giving way to a terrible surface. It seems that lorry drivers essentially play chicken with oncoming traffic when overtaking and avoiding pot holes, resulting in these accidents. They even saw one lorry that had come off the road and overturned.

The Lincolnshire lad is enjoying the wide horizon! It’s a very flat landscape with huge arable fields. The weather is fine, and the music is on!

Another trucker’s hotel for the night, with great security for the car! Ivgeny is an ex-paratrooper. The security is for the lorry park, but the guards wanted to put the car near their office so they could keep a proper look out.

Another delicious supper, and very cheap at about £1.50 including beer!

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  1. Love the security! And the accommodation looks good too. Fingers crossed the roads don’t get any worse.


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