Tuesday, leaving Kurgan

Chris reports that the roads are diabolical! Enormous pot holes, dangerous even when driving slowly – it’s often better to drive on the gravel hard shoulder, or on the wrong side of the road…

The car is showing signs of wear, there are some cracks opening up in the bodywork that Chris had packed with filler. Nothing serious at the moment, although they have rationalised their gear and repacked the car so that weight is further forward.

There was some excitement when they saw what looked like a van on fire..

Excuse the language!
It was tea time!

Ilya realised that by taking a different route (to make up time) they would pass close to the village where his grandmother used to live. It was important to visit the village, and while there Ilya was able to speak to the village elder.

Of course, no day would be complete without being stopped by the police!

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