Heading for Kazan

The team set off from Cheboksay early, with the intention of getting to Kazan today. Unfortunately sections of the road were appalling, and even the lorries were slowing down to avoid potholes! Several Russians have asked us what we think of the roads – now we know why!

Now we know why everyone keeps asking what we think about Russian roads!

On the way to Kazan, Chris and Ilya stopped at another branch of the garage franchise that was so supportive in Moscow. They were given some stickers to put on the car, and very kindly put the car up on ramps so that Chris could do some checks. He tightened the brakes, checked all the nuts and bolts that he could see, changed the oil filter and the points. During another stop, they went into what looked like a car bric-a-brac shop only to find the very oil filter that fits on the car! As usual people gathered around the car to find out about it. Then out came food from an Uzbekistani restaurant, filled pancakes and cola – superbly generous and very timely!

Chris continues to be amazed by the tidiness and cleanliness of the places that he has seen – including the public toilets.

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