2/08/19 Forest fires


The team has seen the news about the forest fires raging in the Krasnoyarsk region. Krasnoyar rugby club celebrates its 50th anniversary later this month, and the team hope to be there. They also gave the invite for our special visas. We are concerned for the implications for the challenge, but more so for the friends we have made there. We hope that the government and/or nature bring the fires under control.

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  1. Had read about the fires and seen the reports in the news. Hope all will be as well as it can in the circumstances. Worrying though.


  2. Great reading Chris keep on trucking .We are Ulan Ude with about 4000 k to go ! Smoke from forest fires making it hazy but had an amazing thunder / lighting storm last night which has dampened things down . Hope you have recovered from hospital stay
    See you there


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