Here Comes the Sun

The Babushka Effect
Everywhere Chris goes with his beloved Austin Seven, he is overwhelmed with goodwill and interest. This shows some of his recent encounters as he journeys on from Moscow.

Young drivers in Red Square

Moscow Red Square and GUM Car Rally Party
This video captures the bells and the atmosphere in Moscow’s Red Square and features the Kremlin, Lenin’s Tomb, St Basil’s Cathedral and the GUM building which now houses many modern shops with international brands. The video concludes with some extracts from the party held after the GUM vintage car rally.

The bells in Red Square

Moscow to Vladimir Clips
Some short clips taken of Chris and Ilya on the journey from Moscow to Vladimir. This video features and previously unreleased video of Chris singing “Here comes the Sun”. It may come as a surprise to some viewers that Chris was once the head choir boy at St Botolphs Church in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Riding with Illya to Vladimir

Another Chance Meeting
One of the surprise visitors to Chris’s journey was the former Doctor to the Russian Rugby Team. This selection of video clips contains some clips without audio.

Fancy seeing you here!!

Vizhniy Novgorod Clips
A couple of video clips of Vizhniy Novgorod and its river setting.


From Dmitri with Love
Chris has had many serendipitous meetings connected with the Trans-Siberian Challenge. One of these was to be introduced to Dmitri, owner of a private hospital in Vizhniy Novgorod. In this video Chris chats to Dmitri about their shared interest in vintage cars before have a meal together. The video concludes with Chris relaxing in a massage chair in Dmitri’s hospital where he stayed for one night of his journey.

Classic Cars side by side with Dmitri and his Chevrolet

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