Introducing the new co-pilot!

It is time to introduce Ilya, who will be joining the drive from Moscow.

Ilya has already done an immense amount to support the team. He arranged for friends and colleagues to meet us in St Petersburg and Tver, and has been translating for us here in Moscow. He took us on a tour of the Moscow metro, and provided two genuine Russian army tank helmets (in case of snow)! Looking forward to the next two weeks!

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      1. Hope you’ve enjoyed Moscow – I loved it! Hope the next stage goes well – have you received your replacement distributor?


  1. Hello to Ilya!! He seems like a real gem. Red Square!! Wondered if you had included it and the Kremlin already. Every time I see photos of those onion domes on the church there I still cant believe I’ve seen it. GUM is intriguing and watch for the soldiers changing guard by Alexander Gardens near the entrance to the square if you can.
    Have another great day 007!!


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