A note about Tver..

Mikhail and Maria, who are our kind friends in Tver (introduced by Mr Sputnik, Ilya) were tour guides in the historic city of Tver. Thank you so much for giving up your precious time.

The eternal flame in memory of the brave fallen of both wars is accompanied by the sound of a heartbeat and classical Russian music. Really very emotional.

Whilst you all thought this was an unsupported Austin adventure, we now introduce the red bull sponsored 1,150 hp support vehicle. Wishful thinking!!

Tver has a great history as the capital of a medieval state. Founded in 1135, where the river Tmaka joins the Volga, it was the capital of Rus. It was sacked in 1238 by the Mongol Tartar regime and then again in in 1612 by the Polish Lithuanian interventionists. Tver became the location of one of the royal palaces on the road from Moscow to St Petersburg and is now an iconic building and church.

Prime parking space at the Hotel Tver! A highly recommended stop over, only about £40 breakfast included. Fabulous!

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  1. When I was in Moscow in 1976 the breakfasts were mainly caviar and buttermilk. What do they offer you today?


  2. Wondered where that day had gone. What lovely people. And a historic gem of a town. Love your accommodation so far – could sub contract to Lonely Planet guides!!


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