Take a deep breath…

And get on with it!

Chris got up early and checked the car after a disturbed night – at 3am some jolly chaps decided to have a beer in the (secure) car park just outside our window. Thanks.

After the panic of yesterday, Chris found the instructions from the ‘meshing man’ (Bristol Austin 7 Club) for setting up the timing, so will follow them tonight after he checks the spare distributor for any new wear. An engineer friend says it looks as though the teeth on the ruined drive are chewed up rather than missing, and he has questioned whether the metal was hardened properly when it was made. We worked out that it did just over 550 miles before failing.

After breakfast (it’s interesting, we’re discovering, what Russians have for breakfast – today chicken wings, ribs and chicken broth seemed popular) we set off for the 220km drive to Tver.

We turned left. The Blakey spirit is still alive!

We have lost count of the number of people who film us on their phones (while they are driving, including lorry drivers, and best ever, a police van!) or wave, or sound their horn. It really helps us to keep a positive attitude! Every time we stop, people come to see the car, again it is a great reminder about how special this car and the trip is.

We stopped for an early lunch. Arthur nearly hyperventilated when he spotted a Russian McDonald’s – so we had to go in and eat. There’s no difference at all, you can even order in English. The only slight disappointment was the iced mocca, it was just cold milky coffee!

Could be anywhere. It made up for his breakfast tea, he put yoghurt in it instead of milk…

This afternoon we finally got to use the new windscreen wipers, they were brilliant!

They actually clear the rain away!

With the hood up we were warm, dry and cosy…

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  1. Still loving the photos! As far as I know Arthur there’s no 5 Guys in Russia yet! Am so hoping engine clicks into place so to speak. Not accessed interactive map yet but it looks exciting. Love to you all.


  2. Hello All, thanks for sharing the photos and the commentary – really interesting! Glad that you are keeping your spirits up, and overcoming the mechanical challenges – great stuff! look forward to seeing more pics, take care, Simon, Martha and Andree xx


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