And the highs!

So, after some coffee and pains aux raisins (yes really) the stress levels had decreased enough to get going again. The traffic miraculously cleared soon after, followed by one of the high points of the trip so far…

Yes! We overtook a Lada!!!

The sun continues to shine, Arthur still looks cool, and we are safely at our hotel by the lake in Valday. Only 220km to do tomorrow to reach Tver then Moscow on Thursday!

Shredded one – this is the least shredded side
Spare one

So when Chris put the two distributor drives side by side, he thought that the distance between the body and the gear was different. Helen said that this was just an optical illusion. As a primary school teacher she produced (as they do) paper and scissors and proved herself wrong – there was actually a slight difference! The question is, will it be enough to b***** up our investment? And as we now have no spare, a solution from our world-wide support team would be very welcome!

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  1. Having run the old distributor some distance, you need to inspect the gear for undue wear. Since you have already had it off to clean the bits out, can you post a picture, and keep posting if it survives tomorrow, so that forum members can give an opinion.
    If it doesn’t survive tomorrow – what then? Any replacement will need the same number of teeth.


  2. Chris you are quite amazing. So hope engine doesn’t hold any more surprises. Arthur you are very cool and Helen just love you!!
    Best wishes positive thoughts and good luck for next couple of days and whole trip


  3. It appears to me that the difference is caused by the original gear being wider than the original. As long as it meshes correctly, it shouldn’t be a problem.


  4. I agree with Doug, the width of the gear is not a problem; it’s the mesh that is which seems to be ok. Was the broken one a new part, I’d be surprised if an original broke up like that? Do you know of an address you could have a spare shipped to so you can collect in a few days time?
    If the replacement is running ok, I would be very surprised if two gears broke up unless there is a problem with the dynamo gear. Is that gear ok? If so I would think you needn’t worry too much.
    Steve Barker


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