Thank you Dmitry!

We are very grateful to this man Dmitry, who gave up his Saturday to meet us in Vyborg, showing us the castle and then chaperoning us into St Petersburg. He took us on a tour of some of the amazing sights and helped us to find our hotel. He is a partner at the law firm who have offered their support as part of our team. We did some filming from his car!

Through the toll and onto the flyover to St Petersburg
Small car, big road!
Driving across the river Neva in St Petersburg
Vasilyevsky Island

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  1. That’s the first time I’ve seen the car with the hood up. Looks amazing. Think everyone I’ve come into contact with knows what you are doing. Find it difficult to say just how proud I am of you three without big emotion!! Especially Chris for getting it together and Helen for recording it. Well there you are – brilliant – and watch out for the speed cameras!!


  2. Welcome to Russia! I saw you Saturday morning 20th of July at Russian border. You are the bravest family I ever seen. My SUV has an engine of 4.2 l, but I think that a trip to Vladivostok will be too challenging for my car and myself. I hope everything will be Okay, I wish you good road conditions, a good weather and good people. Do not hesitate to ask help from local people. For example, I suggest you to check from them where will be next gas station. There can be very long distances between gas stations especially in Siberia. It can 100 and 200 km. In some places may be even more. Take more pictures&videos. This route is very exotic even for Russian people. Good luck to you and your super car!


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