We arrived early at the border, feeling very nervous and stressed about the whole crossing business. We were put a little bit out of our misery when the first set of guards took a photo… The second set walked around the car laughing… Finally at customs most of the other people in the queue abandoned their cars to look at us! Although there was a bit of queuing to get documents checked and then to clear customs, all the officials we dealt with were friendly and helpful – they mostly laughed at us as well but we’re getting used to that!

First stop car insurance! Quite a lengthy procedure when the broker doesn’t speak English and didn’t seem to have done insurance for an English car before! It was only just under £40, not bad! She was as pleased as us to get it sorted out!

We then trundled our way along the only road to our first stop in Vyborg. It looks like we need to get used to this view…

And to this! Scary!

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  1. Welcome to Russia!
    Watch those speed cameras – they’re everywhere on that road 😉
    Vlad is just 9,764km away – according to Google, that’s five day’s driving… Bon Voyage!


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