New challenge…

The Gulf of Finland

Thanks to everyone for the help with the petrol pump repair! Chris was told by several people not to attempt a weld, luckily got the messages before setting off to find a garage! He used epoxy metal putty and will give it a go today. Our new friend Petteri from Helsinki has really pulled out all the stops to help – last night he drove 100km to where he keeps the box saloon that he is restoring (his Austin is an earlier model with a gravity fed fuel tank so no pump) because he remembered that he has a box of spares. Lo! A pump! But we are now a long way from Helsinki…

Enterprising Petteri is going to put the pump on a bus to Vaalimaa for us to collect later. We can’t thank him enough. Also thanks to Ruairidh for the Austin 7 Friends website and forum which is how Petteri found us.

Last night Chris tested the waters of the Gulf of Finland. If we don’t get to Russia his new challenge will be to swim there.

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  1. This journey of yours just gets better and better. What amazing people you are meeting! What amazing people you are! Hopefully long distance swimming won’t happen.


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