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  1. I suggest you Araldite, overlapping it by a fair bit either side of the crack. You should rough up the area you are going to work on with production paper or wet/dry paper. That’s the easy bit. The danger will come when you replace the pump on the crankcase. You must put the actuating lever into the crankcase and run the lever up the inside of the crankcase (the body of the pump when you are doing this will therefore be pointing downwards towards you). The reason for this is that it is possible to get the pump lever on the wrong side of the camshaft and when you go to turn the engine over it can break the crankcase. I suggest when you have the pump in position you should very carefully turn the engine over without the nuts being fitted. If the lever is in wrongly you will probably feel something is not right. I also suggest you don’t overtighten anything, just nip up the pump so it doesn’t rock when in operation but not so tight as to risk breaking the pump mounting flanges. Better to have oil leaks and a running engine than a bigger breakage! At least you have a spare… would be nice if it works!
    Good luck,
    Steve Barker


  2. Do not try and weld it, the metal is some odd mixture of zinc and something else,
    It IS NOT aluminium.


  3. I’ve just had information from someone on Facebook – he suggests you Google
    ‘The Seven Workshop
    Elms Cross.
    I expect they have a replacement and can ship it out.’
    So you could have them send one on to an address down the line if you get the running repairs done. Let us know if we can do anything for you – even pick one up and post it!
    Good luck


  4. I would have suggested JB Weld, used this as a temporary repair on an ali sump for a Rover P6 (don’t ask how it got cracked in the first place…), I would have thought that the metal putty would work reasonably well, now you know what the problem is you can keep an eye on it!


  5. Hej! I’ve tagged you on Facebook with a friend of a friend. Martina who is in the south of Finland, Liljendal, in case you need assistance. You can message her through me. She’s with the Finnish Red Cross! xx


  6. Don’t laugh Chris but I held a leak on a wet exhaust this – for about 9 months – cut large patch from thinnish food tin (I used cat food tin). Use epoxy to stick it down over crack. Secure with thin but robust copper wire (not the fine strand stuff) and then coat the lot with a fine coat of epoxy.
    Or just have a good laugh!!
    Whatever you end up trying – good luck!! Much love Katex


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