High seas…

After a very gentle first night on board, rocked to sleep by the swell we awoke to bacon and eggs for breakfast, porridge if you’d rather, and then up on deck to get some fresh air. However… as we got out into the North Sea the swell built as the sea shallowed – it seems that the North Sea is only 30-50 metres deep which means steep seas! Even the kitchen got a surprise when the contents of our well-stocked self-service fridge ended up on the floor, and all the stainless steel trays tumbled off the shelves! Even the first officer said that he hates the North Sea.

Being on a ship with very few crew and passengers gives Chris plenty of time to interrogate talk to people and find out their wonderful stories – what he does best! We have found common links with everyone, serendipity at it’s best, including people from the Philippines, Finland, Scotland and Berwick-upon-Tweed. After an enjoyable visit to the bridge, where Chris met the Captain to find out about life on the ship – and of course to talk about the World Cup Challenge – tomorrow we have an early start to film the passage of ‘Babushka’ under the Oresond bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark. The Captain has decided to take this route because we have made such good time across the North Sea – what a treat!

Photos to follow when we are able to upload them – there’s no wifi on board but we can use PCs that are located in the store room. This is also where all the sweets and treats are on sale…

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  1. Mmm I took a ferry from Shetland to Aberdeen with similar high seas!! Been over the Oresund Bridge in my Scandi noir period (Wallender/the Bridge etc) but to go under it – what an experience!! Chris doing what he loves, you relaxing a bit and Arthur building memories. Brilliant. Much love To you all.


  2. How wonderful. Except the rocky seas bit. Hold onto your tummies…

    The boys back at home are extremely entertaining and utterly enchanting. Farley, I think had a little cry this morning, a little worried moment but soon perked up. They’re fighting over the pink ball as we speak.

    If there’s any moment you’re able to make a little video or audio to the boys to say you are definitely coming home then I think they’d love to hear voices.

    Looking forward to your next update. Have a wonderful time.


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