Old boys!

More than one old boy became part of the adventure today! Chris was very well received at his old school – the one that he was at when he went to Russia as a teenager. Boston Grammar School put on some great hospitality thanks to fellow alumnus David Wortley. There was a fantastic reunion with members of the 1966 trip, and it was wonderful to meet current staff and pupils and show them the car as well as share the plan for the challenge with them. Chris was presented with a BGS anniversary tie, a school badge and a print of the old part of the school. He then followed the Caister Road to Horncastle which is amazing Austin 7 driving country! He stopped in Horncastle to try and get a closer look at an annoyingly persistent oil leak. Thanks to another old boy – 75 year old Roy who actually got under the car – it seems that the pesky petrol pump is still the cause. Chris drove on to Hull a day early so that he can look at it tomorrow before the rest of the team arrive! Back at home, Helen had to rush around with a list of unfinished business that Chris kept adding to during the day! Arthur was not sad to finish school four and a half days early, as we set off to meet Chris in Hull tomorrow.

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