And we’re off! Really!

Bon voyage!

Chris finally got on the road for real at midday today. Of course he couldn’t find his reading glasses at the last minute so first stop will have to be poundland!! He drove away to the Talking Heads track “We’re on a Road to Nowhere” which hopefully does not jinx the whole trip…

A couple of stops planned on the way to Hull, where he meets up with his first co-pilots (who haven’t finished school yet!) Wife Helen and son Arthur.

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  1. Good luck Chris, Helen and Arthur – we will be keeping up with you via the blog! Best wishes from Simon, andree and Martha !


  2. Chrissy boy…you are a great adventurer and Sim and I send all our love to you on the epic adventure!!!… keep the blog posted with photos of the breakdowns, near misses and other mad scrapes you are going to come across……
    Love to you all. Marcus, Simbie, Harry and Matilda👍😎❤️


  3. Can’t wait to hear more of the continuing saga of Blakey on tour ! Hope this first phase with your ‘crew’ goes well – more great family memories being made – and lots of love and luck for the whole trip. Cathryn and Mark xx


  4. The very best of luck Chris Helen and Arthur!! I think my good luck card was posted too late to reach you before you left. A brilliant adventure and will be thinking about you and following your journey all the way xx


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